Sunday, June 20, 2010


This is the symbol of prescriptions.  You see it in every pharmacy (chemists to my over the pond neighbors) and pretty much all prescriptions.  Pretty dull and boring.  Search the Internet and you'll see that it is anything but boring.  Check out this symbol:

This is the Eye of Horus.  Horus, filled with a need to avenge his father Osiris, sets off to defeat his father's brutal murderer, Set.  In the first fight, Horus gets his butt handed to him.  Set beats him badly and then rips his eye out (It's all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out).  Horus, now with a severe depth perception problem, goes to his buddy Thoth for some help.  Thoth makes him a new eye and Horus is back in business.  This new eye became his symbol.  It also became our Rx symbol seen above.  See, I told you it would be pretty cool. 

Note that I said, "would be."  You see, the Internet likes this story and there are several posts about it.  I was pretty excited about writing this entry about it.  However, in reality, the Rx symbol is a shortened form of the Latin word recipe, which means "to take."  Oh well...   

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