Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why Does God Need a Gun?

I've been working hard this summer which is the reason that I haven't been keeping up with the blog lately.  This entry isn't much, but maybe it will tide you over until I can get some quality posts (on the other hand, why start produsing quality posts now?).

Now, read the headline again and look at the picture below!

Watch out you pagans!  He's got a AK-47 and a cloak of invunerability! 


Anonymous said...

That is just bizarre.

Mark Alford said...

Yeah, but how cool is it? Don't tell me you wouldn't pick one up if you saw it at Wal-Mart. Come on, an AK-47, Cloak of Invulnerability, AND God? That's a triple crown right there baby!

aNdReSiTo said...

he may not need it, but he can do whatever he wants, besides why waste his goldly powers to deal with heretic scum? eat bullets u maggots!