Monday, December 24, 2012

Repost: Up on the House Top Sleipnir Hooves...

This post was originally posted in 2008, but I felt it was time to show it again.  

Other titles for this blog could have been "Here Comes Odin Right Down Odin Lane!"

That's right.  It is that time of year again and time to get ready for Odin coming and giving presents and such.  Yes, I have probably lost it long ago, but no I'm not like Linus believing in the Great Pumpkin (well, maybe a little).  No, I'm referring to Odin's big Yule hunting party.

During Yule, Odin leads a large hunting party through the sky on his great eight-legged horse Sleipnir (a great story about Sleipnir's birth involves Loki, a randy horse, and the rest can wait for another time).  

Now Sleipnir can't fly (silly - only reindeer), but he can leap great distances (like the Hulk).  Children 

would leave their boots near the chimney.  They filled it with carrots, straw, and sugar so that Sleipnir would be able to eat.  Odin, touched by the children's kindness, would fill up the children's boots with sweets and gifts.

Happy Yule!



I loved this! Nothing to add, just wanted you to know that somebody read it and enjoyed it immensely!

Lord Alford said...

Ha! Thanks. You never know how people react unless they leave a comment, but I know that I often read a blog, enjoy it, and still leave without a comment. Merry Christmas!

mahud said...

Wow, I've never heard any of this before. So Odin's Santa, eh? I'll definitely be looking into it.

Thanks for the heads up :)