Friday, April 22, 2011

Survivor Ragnarok: The Aftermath

We had originally planned for a live reunion show to re-live the more famous Survivor moments, but as all but one of our contestant is unable to make it due to death, we'll just have to improvise.  We'll take you now to the battlefield to hopefully gauge the reaction of the man on the street.  Assuming we can find any who are still outside and alive, that is. 

The title matches are done, but battles continue to be waged.  Minor gods still fight giants, Valhalla warriors still fight creatures of Hel.  The Ultimate Survivor, Surt, continues to wave his fiery sword.  The forces of evil have the upper hand and the forces of good are struggling.  Every last one of them preferring to go down fighting rather than to surrender.

Surt's sword gets fierier and fierier and soon the whole battlefield is engulfed in flames.  Forces of good and evil alike are consumed in flames.  The fires spread out of control and the nine worlds burn.  Pretty much everyone who survived the initial battle is dead.

Now we pause for a word from our sponsors:

Welcome back.  Where were we?  Oh yeah, the worlds burn.  Practically everyone dies.  We're not sure, but we fear the worst for poor Ratatosk.  To make matters worse, the earth sinks into the sea.

After sometime, a new earth, one with plenty of resources rises from the sea.  This new world isn't dark because the sun, right before being swallowed, conveniently  gives birth.  That was smart.

Some gods survive and make it to the new earth.  We have Vili (Odin's brother), Vidar and Vali (two of Odin's sons), Modi and Magni (Thor's sons).  They inherit their father's hammer.  Hoenir (one of the gods who helped Odin make man) also survives.  He was known to be indecisive; however, none of us at Bubo's Blog feels confident enough to ask him if he survived the battle by not participating.  Balder and Hod return and take up residence in Valhalla.   We could not see if any goddesses survived, although there is hope for Frigg and Freyja.

Yggdrasil, the world tree, survived the fire.  Two humans were smart enough to have hid in its branches.  Their names are Lif and Lifthrasir.  They will be needed to repopulate the earth. Since none of the forces of evil survived, there will no longer be pain and misery in this new earth (hopefully there will be no forbidden fruit trees to screw things up).

The gods that survived vow to live side by side with man (maybe because no goddesses survived and they're lonely?).  Since the afterlife seemed to be only a means to fight the final battle, there is no need for it anymore.  Now when people die, Nidhogg, the dragon, will take a break from chomping on the roots of Yggdrasil and drink the blood of the dead.  Hmmm.  Well, I guess it could be worse.

So there you go.  The end of time Norse style.  If you missed any of these posts, you can read them all here.  As for the details, our lawyers here at Bubo's  Blog is making us include some fine print.

The outcomes in Ragnarok are as reported here in Survivor: Ragnarok.  The details of each battle are somewhat made up.  No details could be found for each battle so in the interest of artistic license, a little fluff was added.  Survivor is trademarked by CBS and a great TV show.

So, let me know what you thought of the series.  More like it or more individual posts?  More story like posts or regular posts.  I don't know unless I hear from you.  LEAVE A COMMENT!  :)