Monday, April 25, 2011

The Shoes Make the Woman

Check these babies out.  If you don't have a pair in your closet, you should seriously get shopping.  Fertility goddess high heels will cost you only $1600.  Notice the pregnant goddess as the heel and the snake skin pattern shoe.  Snakes are often associated with fertility for their phallic property.  

This particular fertility goddess is African.  I did not find which one and the problem with doing African mythology is that there are several different mythologies due to there having been several different tribes that did not always interact with each other.

I was going to be real smart and try to track down which goddess was the source of the inspiration for these shoes; however, my search pulled up a virus problem twice, so I'm stopping here and letting Malwarebytes finish scanning for anymore problems.

Anyone who knows is more than welcome to post it in the comments.  If you do, you'll win a No Prize!



Ailia said...

I don't know man ... that looks more like giraffe print than snake skin to me ... I wonder what the fertility relevance is there?

Lord Alford said...

I think the giraffe neck could equally substitute for a snake, so either way, these shoes rock!

Tell the truth - you want a pair, don't you?