Friday, August 2, 2013

Farewell - But Not Goodbye!

It has been quite a while since my last post mostly because I've been working on a young adult novel titled Future King.  Now that I am in the beginning processes of getting it published, I have decided to move my blogging to a new venue -  I will still occassionally write some mythology related posts there (mostly about King Arthur at the start and probably posted on Mondays), but the focus will be my experiences trying to write the book and get it noticed by agents and publishers, creative writing exercises, and young adult novel news.  If you've enjoyed Bubo's Blog, I am happy.  That was my goal.  Now I hope you'll try out this new blog of mine.  If you know people who like young adult novels or are just interested in what it would look like if Arthur, the Once and Future King, came back today, then send them over the new blog and we will explore that together.

Here is what the new book is about:

Zane Anderson just wants to finish his first year of high school alive.

There are two major obstacles in his way.  The first is the biggest bully in ninth grade history.  The second is the fact that he may be the reincarnation of King Arthur.

This possibility doesn't mean he gets magical powers or super fighting skills.  It does mean that there are people trying to kill him and very hard training sessions.  And if he is the one, he'll have to save the world from the sorceress Morgana le Fay.

Why is Morgana amassing the 13 Treasures of Britain?  No one is certain, but it must be evil if it warrants the return of Arthur.  More important to Zane, she is killing all the potential Arthurs that get in her way.

Zane will have to contend with a giant beaver, mean faerie dogs, elephant poop, a weird kid who lives through time backwards, and one very ill-conceived field trip to the Other World.  If he survives those, then maybe he'll find out if he is the Future King.

Or he could just back out of all of this and go back to living a normal life.  After all, why risk his life when he is the least likely Arthur candidate?  How could he be the legendary king if he can't even handle a ninth grade bully?

And who knows? Maybe Bubo's Blog will return when we need it most, too.  :)

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