Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Swim at Your Own Risk!

I have never liked swimming in lakes.  Oceans - yes. Pools - yes.  I spent my whole life swimming.  I even was captain of my college swim team (go UNCW Sea Hawks!).  However, I have never liked swimming in lakes.  All that mushy mud on the bottom.  The countless number of water moccasins that I am sure are swimming in the water near me ready to bite.  Nope.  No lakes for me.

Yet there is one good thing about lakes.  Lake monsters!  I recently read a cool post by my friend Dani on lake monsters over at Way Past Normal.  Check it out!

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Dani Harper, Author said...

I'm glad you liked my blog. I've always been fascinated by aquatic cryptids. Discovered when I wrote this article that one of my grown daughters is completely phobic about the whole idea, and she doesn't like lakes either!