Friday, June 4, 2010

Thor vs Superman - The winner is...

It seems our poll has a very low opinion of our Norse god of thunder. Let's see if they are right!

O.K., this is a really cheesy video, but so funny in its cheese factor that you might find it funny.  Who would win in an all out battle between Krypton's Superman and our very own Norse god of thunder - Thor?  You've already cast your vote, so let's see who would win!  (You'll have to get past the first 20 seconds to get to a real (I use that term lightly) video.)

Consider yourself a No Prize winner if you picked the right one!


Anonymous said...

It was a rigged fight! Rigged, I say!

This video makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

I especially love the way the storm clouds roll in, the sky goes black... and then there's a shot of Supes against a beautiful spring sky.

Mark Alford said...

You might be the only one besides me to have watched the whole video! And that's a shame because this is high quality entertainment. Only the best can make it past the strict guidelines that we have here at Bubo's Blog.