Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Greek Goddess Doll Maker

I hit this sit by accident and thought, hey, we are about to have a girl.  I might as well figure out this doll thing.  I could geek it up a bit by making it Athena or something.  Only, it wasn't a real doll, it was a figure on screen.  You can dress this figure up with Greek togas, give her Greek shoes, stars, rainbows, and other things the little girls like (I guess). Supposedly you can make up a story with your goddess and all.  I'm not sure.  Testosterone began to click in, forcing me to abandon the site.

Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and Cartoon Dolls @ The Doll Palace

If you have a hankering to make your own Greek doll on the computer, go here:


Anonymous said...

Wow. I think my estrogen level has risen just by looking at it.

Mark Alford said...

Yeah, It would be an understatement to say that it is a bit on the extreme side.