Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cheesy Cartoons

Wow, I've been a slacker lately.  Actually, I am the coach of the high school swim team.  The season is in full swing (yes, swimming is a winter sport - not a summer) and I have been swamped.  So out of my reclusive state, I am going to share with you this link to some Cu Chulainn cartoons.  Yes, the battle raging hero with his 150 naked women that I talked about earlier has his own animated series.  Anyone from McDonald's listening?  This is prime happy meal material!  Before you get your hopes up too high, this animation makes The Hobbit cartoon look well made.  But, it is fun for a few laughs and some pronunciation value as well.  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I've bookmarked them, hehe. I'll watch them later. Thanks for the links :D

Dani Harper, Author said...

Huge thanks for the link, Lord Alford! Sure, the animation isn't great, but what a great opportunity to actually hear the pronunciation of gaelic words! I've been enjoying this immensely.