Friday, December 19, 2008

Topping Off

What does carpentry and mythology have to do with each other?  

No, not Jesus being a carpenter.  Remember, here at Bubo's Blog we don't include practicing religions as mythology unless it suits my purpose at the time, in which case I include it.  It doesn't suit my purpose, so I throw out the question again.

Well, I got this e-mail at school from the carpentry teacher (I wasn't all that special, he sent it to everyone).  I'll share it here:

Today the 08-09 Project House was topped off. Some folks see the evergreen on the gable and think Christmas. Topping . . . can actually be done anytime a roof is completed. It is a tradition that was passed to me when I was a wee lad. I’m sure some of you know much more about the tradition than I, so I will not bore you with details. The Scandinavians put an evergreen on their house’s peak when the roof was complete out of respect for their tree gods. (The house built of wood… tree gods…) Now, I am not a tree worshiper. I’m not even a tree hugger. I place an evergreen on the peak of the roof as a symbol of accomplishment. The house is now DRY, so let it rain. It is also a milestone that the students  have worked hard  to achieve.  Most students do not get the significance. I have over heard them say “it’s no biggie, just humor the old guy, he’s a little odd anyway”.  I felt the same way when I was a young swain, but it stuck with me.

Maybe this tradition will stick with them also.

Happy Topping Off to All!

He sent this picture with it.  Can you find the evergreen?

Yep, see that boy with the shaggy shorts to the left?  Those shorts aren't hairy, that's the evergreen sticking up proudly on the house!

One of the best things about this blog is the awareness it has made in me of all the things mythic in the world around me.

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