Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thor, Percy Jackson Style

According to a news article I saw today, it seems that Rick Riordan is satisfied with writing in the Greek, The Egyptian, and the Roman pantheons.  Evidently he plans to take on the Norse gods as well.  According to the article, he had planned to write this before he ever wrote Percy Jackson.

I think this is good news.  I enjoyed reading his Olympians series.  I'm having a hard time getting into the Kane series (the Egyptian ones), and my son is dying to go out and buy the new Son of Neptune book.  I also think that mythology teachers can expect a boon of students signing up for these classes when these kids reach high school.  All in all, these books are great for mythology.

Don't hold your breath, though.  While he has already signed a deal with Disney Publishing Worldwide, the books aren't expected to come out until 2015.

One quote from the article that was interesting was an answer to a kid who asked him if he had seen the Percy Jackson movie.  His response?  Classic teacher: Nope.  "The images from the book you make in your head are always going to be the best images."

You can read the whole article here: