Monday, October 10, 2011

Arabian Nights Mythology Allusion Quiz

I know that the Arabian Nights were written as entertainment, but since they have so many Arabic mythological features in them, I've always included those stories as myths here at Bubo's Blog.  I was reading a book the other day about comic book history (I know - nerd) and I ran across this little tid-bit of useless knowledge that I excel so much in.  Let's see how well you fare.  Answer the question in the box below and then scroll down for the answer.  A No-Prize to all my winners!

Scroll down for the answer.


The correct answer is:

The Green Lantern!  A handy dandy no-prize awaits you if you got the answer correct!  The writers, Bill Finger and Mart Dellon claim that the idea of the lamp being all powerful was the inspiration for their green lantern that gave the ring all those powers.