Sunday, December 19, 2010

Way Past Normal

My Alaskan friend over at Way Past Normal has been knocking the blog stuff out of the park lately.  She always does a good job, but I've have really been enjoying her Christmas themed posts lately.

I encourage you to check out some or all of the following:

Beware Krampus, the Christmas Demon!

Our North American Santa Claus is loosely based on the European Saint Nicholas, a kind, gift-giving fellow traditionally portrayed in long bishop’s robes instead of a red suit. Saint Nick grew out of stories about an actual person, Nikolaos of Myra, a Greek bishop with a reputation for secret gift-giving such as leaving coins in shoes and working miracles.  So understanding Saint Nicholas is easy. It’s the company he keeps that raises questions and eyebrows....

Christmas Superstitions Part One

As you know, I just can’t resist anything related to the paranormal. But Christmas? Who would have suspected that there was anything supernatural about such a warm fuzzy holiday? I mean, a big jolly fellow travels all over the world with his flying reindeer in a single night, squeezes down tiny chimneys with a neverending bag of presents, knows if you’re naughty or nice but is never seen himself…

The Myth and Lore of Mistletoe

Today we use mistletoe as a Christmas decoration (and occasionally steal a kiss under it). But mistletoe has a much longer history than Christmas itself....

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