Monday, December 27, 2010

Lego Mythology

We had a great Christmas here at Bubo's Blog headquarters.  Hope yours was jolly and cheerful as well.  We had a couple myth-inspired gifts.  One, which comes highly rated from Grant, our official Bubo Blog's game reviewer, is Minotaurus.

This is a fun game that you build using Legos based on the Theseus and the labyrinth myth.  The object is to get your heroes to a secret temple in the center of the board.  Living in the temple is a minotaur that, if you role the black side of the die, you get to move toward your opponents.  There is also a grey side that allows you move some walls to block your opponents or to free the way for your hero.  Our current champion is my youngest son and I am ashamed to say that I beat him only by teaming up with Grant to trap his heroes in the movable walls.  Grant gives this a 5 lightning bolts out of five.

Well, I'd like to continue reviewing, but there is a seven year old here demanding a rematch for the World Championship title.

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Mr.Mythology said...

Cool! I will have to check it out! I love the blog, and I check it whenever I can!