Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Plea For Help

If you have enjoyed this blog at all, then please help me get some graphic novels for my students.  They struggle with reading and I am constantly trying to find some good materials to get them to read. The following actions will help me win a contest that Yahoo is doing in conjunction with I did this a few weeks ago and have gotten no spam or e-mails except one follow up e-mail thanking me for supporting a project in Donors Choose. THIS MUST BE DONE BY FRIDAY!  If everyone who visited this site in one day did it, I'd win no problem.

All you need to do:

Go to


Click PROJECT ID (this is found in the middle of the page)

Enter 484817 into the project id box

Click Support This Project.

In the new window, look at the first thing – Change Your Homepage to Yahoo – click the link that says click here

Then choose the last option – Add this webpage to your home page tabs

Enter your e-mail address twice, click the box, and enter the security words.

That’s it! Total time – 2 minutes. Thanks!

If you don’t want it there anymore, just click TOOLS on your internet browser, scroll to the bottom of the menu and choose INTERNET OPTIONS. There you can just delete the on your homepages. Easy!

If you really like me, you can do it again and again for every e-mail you have (just refresh the screen).

Thanks for the help!


Dani Harper, Author said...

Did it. Are there any graphic novels in particular that you're looking for (in case you don't win)?

Mark Alford said...

Thanks Dani!

I picked some that tied in with some of the novels that we had in class, in hopes of making it a gateway book. We picked some James Patterson (Maximum Ride and I believe I picked up a Daniel X), Percy Jackson, Twilight. Stuff like that. These kids struggle with reading because they never really practice it and some have the added problem of have learning disabilities. I've been making some headway with the Fear Street and Bluford series and I'm hoping to get them hooked on some of the longer books. Of course, my whole goal here is to make them life-long Dani Harper readers!