Friday, November 5, 2010

Pegasi? Pegasuses? A Herd of Flying Horses!

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There is only one Pegasus.  He came out of Medusa after Perseus chopped her head off.  She had gotten pregnant by Poseidon, but since Athena turned her into a monster, she never gave birth.  The babies just continued to grow inside her.  No wonder she was so cranky.  Pegasus has a brother that is a human warrior, who sprang out fully grown. 

While mythology only gives us one of these magnificent creatures, artists have created millions more.  Here are 10 of the best Pegasus pictures I have seen:

I really like the shadow effect.  Unfortunate tail placement, though.

 I have got to get one of these for my little girl when she is big enough.

Interesting combo. 

Here's a picture of Medusa holding her baby Pegasus.  Doesn't quite fit the timeline I'm used to, but hey!  We're talking snakes for hair and flying horses.  I'll get over it.

Are those little cherubs attacking the poor horse?

Wouldn't constellations be more fun if they looked like this?  When you look for it, it is liable to be only the four stars making the box for the body that you see.  Just as this picture shows, the constellation has no curple (this is the only word that rhymes with purple and it means a horse's rear end).


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Below are the reader's contributions:

Thansk to ANJ for:

I really like this one.  I wish I had found it for my earlier list!



Anj said...

I'm quite fond of Nene Thomas's series of winged carousel horses. She doesn't have all of the paintings on her website, but here's one of them.

Mark Alford said...

I love it! I'll add it to the list right away. Thanks!