Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who's that girl? Or boy... Or monster... Or god...

Ran across a site that is pretty fun that you might be interested in.  It is called Akinator and it has a genie that guesses a person (real or fictional, dead or alive) that you are thinking of.  My students have been having a blast with it and are frustrated that they cannot defeat it (without cheating of course).  I tried it recently with a few mythology names and it is good! It guessed Zeus (O.K., easy), it guessed Perseus (easy), it guessed Loki (a little harder), it guessed Set (that impressed me a bit), it did give up and admit defeat on Hermaphroditos.  Then it impressed me by asking a few questions so it could add Hermaphroditos to its database.  Can you trick it?  If so, leave a comment for me and tell me which myth figure you used to beat the game.


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