Thursday, August 5, 2010

No Prize Challenge

I ran across two goddesses of the same thing with the same name and completely different cultures.  Akna is the goddess of childbirth for both the Inuits and the Mayans.  However, I found nothing else about them.  I even checked Goddess-A-Day, but they weren't there.

Here is my challenge, anyone who can find more information about either one of them will get an electronic no-prize (which sadly is exaclty what is sounds like).  Come on Dani - this is right from your neck of the woods! 


Ailia said...

I wouldn't be surprised if this came from the Dictionary of Ancient Dieties, which offers no more insight beyond the fact that Akna is only POSSIBLY a goddess of childbirth for the Maya (although certainly the wife of Akanchob and associated with the Becabs), and suggests that Akna is a translation of "Eskimo" for "mother."

Elsewhere I saw it suggested that Mayan Akna was a moon goddess.

Mark Alford said...

Moon goddess...haven't heard that one. Good, but is it No-Prize worthy? Right now you are in the lead!

Can anyone top that?