Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pregnant Rocks

Imagine a couple.
Imagine a couple happily in love.
Imagine a couple happily in love wanting to start a family.
Imagine a couple happily in love wanting to start a family but can't.

What do they do?

Well, if they are aboriginal, they will visit Erathipa.  Now you might think that Erathipa is a witch doctor or some shaman that can cast some spells.  But you'd be wrong.

However, if you guessed from the picture and the title that Erathipa is a rock, well, then you'd be right.  See, this rock apparently looks like a pregnant woman.  I don't see it from this picture (or maybe I should say at least my wife doesn't look like this rock! (but I'd love her just as much if she did)) but then again, I did not take this picture and am going on somebody else's word that this is Erathipa. 

Here is how it works, the souls of dead babies live in the rock.  When a young woman walks by, one of the souls gets a second chance at life by leaping into the woman.  They avoid older women, so if you are a young woman who does not want to get pregnant, you need to grab a stick and walk like you are old and leaning on a cane while talking loudly about how old you are (I'm not making that up).

I think this is a neat and disturbing idea at the same time.  It does serve to give hope to both the childless and those who have the misfortune of a still birth, miscarriage, or infant death.   Beats the German idea of vindictive storks delivering dead babies to families with mean children, at least.


Ailia said...

I just want you to know that I think it is SO AWESOME that you have this whole pregnancy series going on.

Awesome, because 1) it is a really cool theme to have a series around, and 2) the relevance to your own life is fantastic, and 3) you're a dude! And I love that you, a dude, are doing this thing on fertility and pregnancy and birth.

If you ever meet that dumb prof again in a future life, you can wave this cred in her face. :)

Lord Alford said...

Thanks! It has been fun doing this and it is interesting to me to see how different cultures have different takes on it. So far, the Greeks are the neatest since they have that whole evil twin thing going for awful labors. I do think that it is sad that the pregnancy goddesses don't get a lot of press. I guess since males wrote the myths down, they didn't think it was worth going into details about it.

That prof better watch out! Actually, I think she'd still tell me I was wrong... :(