Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quick Quiz

For you followers who are deeply into mythology, this little test will be no challenge.  For the rest, see how many you can identify.  The braver of you can post your surmises.


Anonymous said...

'Kay I have to guess on some of these, but here goes...

1. Aphrodite
3. Zeus
4. Hera
5. Narcissus
6. Athena
7. Ares
8. Hephaestus
9. Hestia
10. Hermes
11. Poseidon
12. Artemis
13. Bacchus

I don't know about #2!

Did you paint this?

Anonymous said...

(sorry, #13 should be Dionysus for consistency's sake)

Lord Alford said...

I know the second one. Anyone else wish to guess number 2? Have disagreements about the others Peyton mentioned?

Peyton, I cannot paint or draw anything more complex than stick figures. I found this somewhere and I see now that I didn't place the link. Oh well...

Lord Alford said...
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Anonymous said...

Spill it!