Monday, February 22, 2010

Bad Jokes

O.K., I apologize in advance.  These jokes are so bad that they make my puns look good!  I cannot take credit for these chestnuts and if you want to see all one hundred one of them, just click the link at the bottom of the page.

Why couldn't the Egyptian god speak?

He was a little Horus

What is an Egyptian cheerleaders favorite cheer?

Ra Ra Ra

Which Greek god is the windiest?


Why can't you get tech support in the Greek underworld?

Because their Cerberus down

What is the most important part of Greek Poetry?


How did the Ancient Greeks do their laundry?

With a washer and dryad

Why is Cupid such a good archer?

He is good with his Eros

Which Ancient Greek orator married Marge?

Homer Simpson

What do you call the monstrous sisters with snakes for hair, when they are asleep?


What happened to Perseus when he grew old?

He was beginning to go graeae

Where did the Ancient Greek goddess have to be?

At a Hera appointment

Hestia makes wastia
What is a favorite game of Ancient Greek mythology?

Hydra and go seek

These jokes are either funny or they are not, you might call them hit or myth

What does an Ancient Roman say when annoyed?

You're getting on Minervas

What did the people of Minos pave their roads with?


What is another game popular in Ancient Greek mythology?

Pick up Styx

What sauce did Tantalus put on his food?

Tartarus sauce

What is the favorite cheese of a Greek Monster?


Why is the Egyptian goddess of the sky crazy?

She lives in a Nut house.

What Star Wars movie is about the Egyptian gods?

Episode III: Revenge of the Seth

How did Ancient Egyptians predict their future?

With Horus scopes

You can read all 101 of these bad jokes of the ancient world if you wish at


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Mark Alford said...

Well, of course those are better - I warned you that these are bad!

Anonymous said...

Those aren't bad jokes! They're great jokes!