Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lycanthropy Cures

As far as cures go, I have found some home remedies in case you are experiencing lycanthropy (or more commonly known as Wolf-Flu).  One states that while in werewolf form, three drops of blood must be extracted from the victim (seems to be a partial remedy, surely there is something else to that).  Another home remedy is to avoid human flesh for 9 years (not really practical - especially if you happen to have some Buffalo sauce...mmmmm...).  We once tried to cure a friend of ours by throwing him in the washer machine.  Sadly it didn't work, but he did become a wash-and-wearwolf.

Other cures I came across:
* Convert to Christianity (Although, what if you are already a Christian?  Are you immune?)
* Exhaust yourself - this is what the ancient Greeks believed would do it
* Exorcism - by the way, what do you get when you don't pay your exorcist bill?  Repossessed!

For tips on how to determine if your friend is a werewolf (can never be too careful), click here for an older post.

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