Thursday, July 9, 2009

Poseidon's Gate

If you are not familiar with Kindle, it is a new way to read books.  Think of it as an iPod for books.  The whole thing is pretty neat and nifty and is probably going to stick around and continue to change the way we think of books.  I remember back in the early 90s having a conversation about the electronic book in my college class.  I had to read a book called The Electronic Word: Democracy, Technology, and the Arts where the author predicted it would come to this.  My professor scoffed at the idea and moved on.  
I haven't thought much about that book until now.  I ran across an article about the horrors of the future of advertisements on eBooks.  It's a great read and I hope you'll go here to read it (after you finish reading my post and commenting, of course).

What kind of gets me is the title of the article. It is "Kindle at Poseidon's Gate."  I've never heard this term used before.  All I could really find on Google about Poseidon's Gate is several links to this article and some song by Cybertribe with that title.  I can only assume that this allusion means to open Poseidon's gate is to invite a flood of things that you may not particularly care for.  

I feel stupid for not having heard it before and am sure that it is a common saying with all of you.  Let me know if you've heard it before.  


riotthill said...

Never heard of Poseidon's Gate either, but I guess it is the counterpart to Pandora's Box, once it's out of the Gate/Box, you can't stuff the flood back in, so to speak. In the meantime, I think I'll stay with MobiPocket and eReader on my Blackberry. Gives new meaning to 'reading the phone book'.

Lord Alford said...

Reading the phone book! I like it! Don't get a big head, though. I like really corny puns.