Friday, July 17, 2009

Percy Jackson Movie

Went to see the new Harry Potter movie.  It was good and a pretty good adaptation of the book (much like the last one- unlike #3 and #4).  But the real story was the previews.  Percy Jackson is hitting the big screen February - although from the web site and the preview, I don't think too much has been completed yet.  Check it out below.  I'll be there to see it.  Who else?


hipemoviecritic said...

if you are talking about the 5th harry potter movie it was bad and so boring i fell asleep and didnt really miss much.
the 6th however was good and i think so were all the othermovies before the 5th.
as for percy jackson by the the trailer it will very likewise. just by looking at the cast which are either too old or not fitting for their roles I know the movie will be bad so i expect nothing for this one.
so good luck if you thik it will be good (lol yea right)

Watch Percy Jackson Movie said...

Percy Jackson is different to Harry Potter. Historical myth while Harry Potter series witchcraft and wizardry. :)