Thursday, March 12, 2009


The faeries you read today are certainly not your mother's faeries.

Gone are the glory days of Tinkerbell and company.  Today it is not only vampires that get the special treatment.  Many new books are out about faeries as well.  One I enjoyed not too long ago with my son was the The Spiderwick Chronicles.  But it doesn't stop there.  A recent article titled, "Not Your Typical Faerie Princess," posted on Sparknotes (of all places) explored the evolution of the faerie/pixie character in recent book adaptations.  It is pretty good and is at least a good read if you are interested in reading books that might have faerie-ish themes to them.

The picture here is of one that I have not read anything about.  It appears at first glance to be a teenage female-drama fest like Twilight, but I might be wrong.  Would be very interested to hear from anyone of you who have read it.