Friday, October 10, 2008

Name that god...

The following picture I think came from Wonder Woman.  I don't know since I got it from an image search long ago.  It is obviously a comic and Wonder Woman is always praying to Hera, so I figured the two match up.  Anyway, can you name the gods in order from left to right top to bottom?


starfirenz said...

Hmmmm... I can't name all of them, but I can get at least some, I think:

Neptune, Zeus, Hades(?)
?????, Hera, ????, Dionysus
Apollo, Aphrodite, Artermis, Athena, Demeter(or could be Persephone, but she looks more motherish than maidenish to me?)

Initially, I thought the woman on the left of the second row, in the pink was Athena, but then I saw the owl and figured the woman in blue must be our Lady of Wisdom.

Thanks for the brain teaser, by the way :-). I'm a big fan of both learning from fiction, and from teasing the strands of mythology out of modern stories, films and shows... so I had fun with this one.



starfirenz said...

Eeeepp.... I meant Poseidon, not Neptune!!!!

I caught myself calling 'Demeter' 'Ceres', and went back and fixed it, but somehow, Neptune got through the net ;-)

Ooops (*looks embarrassed*)

Lord Alford said...

Since I don't have the original comic to draw from, my guess is as good as yours on this. I agree with your first three. I'm thinking the one on the left of Hera is Hestia (mainly because I have nothing else to name her) and the one on the right is Apollo (because of the golden robe). Your Apollo I think is Hermes because of his staff. The last one on that row I agree should be Demeter. I pick Demeter for her instead of Hestia because she is wearing green.

But who knows for sure if that is what the artist thought? O.K., the artist knows, but you know what I mean...

starfirenz said...

*soft smile* - I think you're probably right about Hestia (and definitely about not knowing what was in the artist's mind).

The reason I'd said the guy front left was Apollo was because I was seeing the staff thing as some kind of giant caduceus, and I'm not sure why, but my immediate association with that is Apollo (is he actually associated with healing, or is that a mistaken association my brain has made?)

However, the headdress the guy has on is probably the clincher. I always think of 'winged sandals' as being Hermes' trademark, but when I did a google image search for him, several of the (later, non-traditional) pictures have him with a winged headdress as well. Since this guy is wearing what looks like a winged headdress, I think you're right - he's Hermes :-)

mahud said...

I'll give this a shot. The top three are obviously Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades.

Middle: Demeter, Hera, Apollo, Dionysus.
Bottom: Hermes, Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Hestia.
Bottom-Left: Ares.

Lord Alford said...

Didn't think about Ares... Would have been helpful to have a bloody guy with five different weapons. I think I'll stick to Hephestus though. Sitting out away from everyone like that might be because he stinks or something.