Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obama and Greek Mythology?

O.K., I haven't been posting up as much as I started, but with school starting up, I've been a little more busy than normal. So, while you wait to be stunned by another spectacular blog entry, I leave you with this that I found in the news:

Obama Speech Stage Resembles Ancient Greek Temple
August 26, 2008

DENVER (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's big speech on Thursday night will be delivered from an elaborate columned stage resembling a miniature Greek temple.
There is more to the article (, but that is the only thing they say about the Greek temple. The rest is just politics. I'm wondering if I can get a mini version of that temple facade and put it in my classroom, maybe with a platform so that I am looking down on my students from on high. Hmmm....

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