Monday, June 9, 2008

Who's That God?

Who is this famous mythological creature about to make his debut on the big screen? Go ahead, make a few guesses. No fair scrolling down and looking.

I found this on the Icelandic Review Online today (no, it is not one of my daily web surfing stops):

Thor on the Silver Screen
Thor, the god of thunders, from the old Nordic mythology is going to star in his own movie. The Icelandic movie producing company, CAOZ, is making a computer animated film about Thor´s adventures.

CAOZ made a 400 million ISK contract with German producers in Cannes so the movie is finally underway and will be in theaters in 2010, but is has been in process for over four years. The story describes how Thor, the god of thunder, finds his hammer, Mjölnir, and battles evil forces, such as the giants of Útgardur who want to take over Ásgardur and Valhalla. The plot is rooted in the old mythology but the story is original. Morgunbladid reports.

Hilmar Sigurdsson from CAOZ said that if the movie proved to be a success, there was enough material in the old sagas to produce up to four Thor-movies.

At this point I was pretty excited. Mind you, I did not see a picture to go with it as you, my dear reader, have. My first thought upon seeing the headline was that it would be another Marvel Comics movie. Then I saw that it wasn't and got really excited. Yes, yes, I know that getting excited over a Thor movie is pretty geeky, but then again, I have never denied my geekhood. Then I looked up CAOZ and found a reference to the movie's web site: Upon reaching this site, all my hopes for this movie suddenly died. Take a gander at it and see what you think. They have the trailer for the movie there as well.

I don't know. I'm thinking Hercules Disney style might be looking better and better... Any thoughts on what you guys think? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

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