Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Life has a way of getting in the way of things. Take me, for instance. We just celebrated the first birthday of my third child. Now you would think that by the third child, this would all be old hat and I could do this in my sleep (ah sleep... I remember sleep). However, I don't know if it is because this one is a girl (the other two were boys) or if it is because I am just hard headed, I just can't seem to get time for everything. As you can tell, one of the things that has fallen by the wayside for me is this blog.

Never fear loyal readers! This blog will continue to go and will be greatly improved the by addition of two guest writers - Ailia and Mr. Mythology. These fine outstanding mythophiles will add much needed class to the site and will be posting whenever they get the urge. I look forward to seeing their stuff.

Now to make this an official post, I need to include some mythology. So here it goes:

Kali is the Hindu goddess known as the Dark Mother. She is also known as "She who destroys" and "The Black One." That guy she is standing on is not one of her conquests (at least not in the destroying sense of the word). He is Shiva and she consorts with him from time to time. She is often shown standing on him.

How do I relate this to the above entry? Well, the above entry is all about time and the lack of it. Kali just so happens to also be the goddess of time. I assume it is because she is a destroyer and time destroys all things ("O Time! The fatal wrack of mortal things..." Sorry - allusions to Bradstreet are a result of my geeky English teacher nature).

Speaking of geeky, Kali is also the Kali Ma that is chanted to in The Temple of Doom. There is so much to her, that I don't have TIME to give her a proper post right now. Anyone who knows more about her (especially if you are Hindu) should certainly post a comment to set the record straight.

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