Friday, May 20, 2011

Thor Images

In honor of the new Thor movie, I've put together a list of Thor images for you.  Enjoy!  I haven't seen the movie yet.  I would appreciate any comments on your thoughts of the movie (should I waste my money on it) and any comments on which pic you like best.

*Update* I saw the movie this weekend.  I was pleased both as a comic book fan and mythology fan.  Obviously the movie is focused more on the comic book version, but I felt that overall, the story remained at least as accurate to Norse mythology than, say, Clash of the Titans did to Greek mythology.  So if you're looking for a pretty good mythology movie, this will work.  I still would like your opinions below.

From Marvel Comics (link)


Thinking is not one of Thor's strengthes.  Also, doesn't this look like the end of the Conan movies?  "...and he wore his crown upon a troubled brow."  They seriously need to make another Conan movie.  Just my opinion. *Update* At the Thor movie, there was a preview for a new Conan movie.  Judging from the preview, I probably should take my suggestion back.

One would think that a Norse god would probably wear more, but who am I to judge?

Bet we won't see his goat chariot int he movie.  It's hard to make goat chariots look cool, but Thor pulls it off somehow.

Simpsons Thor

And last, but not least...

Frog Thor from the Pet Avengers! (I'm not lying, there really is a Pet Avengers out there - Mrs. Lyons from the old Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends is in it, no less - please don't ask me how I know this)