Monday, February 7, 2011

Thor vs. Jormungand


Thor, growing weary of fighting giants, goes after his true foe - the world serpent Jormungand.  He has longed for this day his entire existence.  Time and time again the worm has slipped through his grasp, but no more.  This is the war to end all wars.  The time has come for him to seek out Jormungand one last time.  After scanning the battlefield, he saw the snake was no where to be found.  Finally, he notices that the fiend is attacking a beach village nearby.  As he ran past the hordes of bleeding and dying men all around him, he could not help but smile and think of what a glorious day this day was!

Jormungand was finally free of his confines in the ocean.  He doesn't know what is different.  He doesn't care.  It feels good to release destruction without fear.  All he knows is that his time has come to bring death to the world and that for the first time ever, he feels truly indestructible.  There will be no running away from that hideous thunder god any more.  Sinking ships quickly becomes boring and he approaches land.  Feeling the poisonous gasses in his stomach churning, he belches his venom upon the beach village and laughs with a hissy laugh as the people's very skin bubbles off of them in their death throes.  The land, even the very air around him, are stained with his baleful breath.  Such power as he never felt before.  What a great day!

Thor yells a battle cry that no one completely makes out.  Only one being would dare stand up to this god in his beserker rage.  Jormungand sees him running and turns, readying his pernicious gas for his most welcomed enemy.  Thor, however, is faster than usual.  In his rage, he moves like the very lightning he commands.  The god leaps and, using both arms, swings Mjolnir downward and hits the beast's black heart.  Thunder rumbles like it never has before, or ever will again. The only two beings who do not pause at the might of the thunder are Odin and Fenrir, locked in their deadly embrace.

Jormungand staggers, his serpentine next swinging from side to side trying to get balance, and then falls.  As his head hits the ground, toxic vomit spews forth, soaking the Asgardian warrior.  Thor, at first laughs, reveling in the thrill of battle.  This wasn't the first time he emerged victorious from battle covered in gore.  But then a strange thing happens.  Thor's leg begins to twitch and then seizes up.  His arms begin to convulse.  He falls to the ground.  As his eyes grow dim, he looks one last time to make sure his foe paid the price first.  Then he grabs Mjolnir with the last bit of energy he can muster.  He doesn't know what will come next as he enters death, but he knows he may just need his hammer.

The ruling... TIE!

Bad Guys - 2

Good Guys - 1

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