Friday, January 28, 2011

Odin vs. Fenrir

Odin sends his ravens off to the battle field in search for which of his warriors is in need of assistance.  They have trained night and day for centuries for this very battle and the skill with which they fight makes him proud.  Seeing some Valkyries fly off to the right, Odin heads left...and shivers.  There he sees his foe, unawares.  A moment's hesitation is all it takes for Odin to decide on his tactic.  The All Father already knows the outcome of the battle.  Now all that is left is to decide how it will happen.

Fenrir prowls the field and delights in ripping into the flesh of the Einherjar.  These souls are merely a warm up as he looks for the treacherous Tyr.  The hand of Tyr he swallowed centuries ago can still be tasted, and he wants more.  Fenrir shrugs off a few arrows and sword thrusts, for his fur coat is thick enough to serve as armor and is about to snap his jaws on yet another one of Valhalla's brave warriors, when he feels the smack of a battle axe swung with such force it can only be a god.  Tyr, perhaps?  The wolf smiles and turns to face the one-eyed Odin.  He doesn't have time to register the feeling in his stomach - is it anticipation or fear - before the two lock themselves in combat.

For hours these two rage.  During the battle, thunder hits so hard, that the two combatants shake with the force of it, but neither one noticed nor cared.  Odin's axe hurts, but does not do serious damage.  Fenrir's teeth can't seem to crack the god's mighty armor.  Wherever they go, both giant and Einherjar alike stop battle and watch.  News of the battle reaches the far side of the field where Vidar, Odin's son, has been searching for Fenrir.  Vidar has been preparing for this battle all his life by creating the ultimate shoes, ones he created by taking the scraps of leather left over when mortals make their shoes.  As a result, the sole of his shoes are thicker and stronger than plate mail armor.  If only he can get to the battle in time, but the shoes are slow going.

The battle appears to be a stalemate until finally Fenrir, in a streak of brilliance, enacts a new tactic and swallows Odin whole.  He barely has time to finish swallowing before he hears the shout of Vidar across the field.  He turns and decides to try the same strategy.  Just as he opens his mouth wide, Vidar slams his foot down on Fenrir's bottom jaw.  The fangs tear into the leather and stick, doing no damage to Vidar's foot.  Vidar then took his hands and grabbed Fenrir's top jaw.  With a mighty thrust, he rips Fenrir's jaws apart.  A mighty victory, but one too late.

The ruling...  Fenrir!

Bad Guys - 1

Good Guys - 0

Things aren't looking so good for our predictions.  Most people voted for Odin to win.  Go grab some popcorn, 'cause this war has just started.  Next up on our fight card... Thor vs. Jormungand.  At the moment, Jormungand is the favored, but Thor just doesn't care.

Who will be the ultimate survivor?  Stay tuned my friends.

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