Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Know, I Know

O.K., I know I've promised the big fight between Odin and Fenrir, but man has my week been packed between swim team conference and state testing here at the high school, not to mention that this is Pine Wood Derby week!  So, give me a day or two and the big fight will begin.

While you are waiting, look at this cute kid here:

Luckily for him, he looks like his mom.  This poor deprived child has a bad playground at school.  They are trying to get Pepsi to buy them a new one in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Challenge.  Since you don't want to see this poor boy cry, you can vote for his school to get their playground.  The best thing is - it takes no time at all.  Just text 73774 and put 105202 in the subject line.

Please do this by Jan. 31 and this would do it for their school.  Currently they are 22nd.  They need to 10th.  HELP!

Next post - I promise - Odin vs. Fenrir

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