Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Son of Hercules

The 1960s saw a great many things.  Unfortunately for those of you who lived through this, you also saw 14 movies featuring The Son of Hercules!  Thank goodness I was born in 1970 and was spared that madness.  I had perfectly decent movies like Clash of the Titans.  You know, mythologically sound movies.

For those that missed these gems, here are a few movie posters:

I think these guys are also enemies of the Fantastic Four.

The best part here is the CRO-MAGNACOLOR!


Does this look like Gulliver's Travels to you, or is it just me?

Step aside Perseus, here is how a real man does it!

Venus?  Venus?  Come on.  If you are going to go after a deity to show how strong you are, why not Mars or Poseidon.  Venus????  Plus she looks more like Hestia than Venus.

And to cap it off, here is the theme song for the Son of Hercules:


Anonymous said...

I'm getting so many mixed messages!

Judging from the "Fire Monsters" poster, it's a prehistoric adventure.

Judging from the "Devil of the Desert" poster, it's soft core porn.

Judging from the "Land of Darkness" poster, it's based on Samson.

And judging from the theme song, it's a western!

They were weird in the 60s.

Lord Alford said...

Or you could just look at it as a little something for everyone!

I'm pretty sure that I should be thankful that I missed them, but they certainly are screaming to be redone on the ScyFy network (upon which I would find something else to watch...quickly).