Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Not So Obscure Myth Allusion, Just an Odd One

I typed in mythology into Google news just to see what was out there and got this odd headline"

Outrage: NBC Will Get the Masturbating Bear in the Conan Divorce

"Because all recurring characters like Pimpbot and The Masturbating Bear, and sketches like "In the Year 2000" are NBC's intellectual property, they'll be keeping them if and when they reach a settlement with Conan O'Brien and he moves on to another network. And by keeping them, we of course mean killing them. If NBC were a creature of Greek mythology, it would be Medea."

This is the article in its entirity; however, if you want to see the picture of the bear you can see it here.  I choose not to include it. 

What an odd thought.  When I think of Medea, I think of many things.  Bears doing things to themselves that they shouldn't is not one of them.

For those that don't know Medea, she is a little pyscho that was used by a loser named Jason.  She is such a weird character in that you really want to feel bad for her and root for her but she just doesn't let you (especially if are reading Hamilton).  Everytime you get in that place, she goes and chops up some poor person, like her brother or her children.  True, she does chop up some people that deserve it, but she just can't be liked.  Then you can't like Jason either because even though she was a bit pyschotic when Jason found her, he didn't exactly make things better by constantly using her and telling her that he would marry her only to be dating a princess on the sly.  That's pretty much Medea in a nutshell.  What an odd reference for NBC.  Well, come to think of it, maybe not.


Anonymous said...

It's weird they would refer to Medea as a Greek "creature". The whole reference just seems kinda shoe-horned in there for n o purpose.

Mark Alford said...

I agree, but somewhere out there is a mythology fan that was just itching to get a myth allusion in there somehow.