Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Two for One Deal!

Back to the Treasures of Britain - today we get a two for one deal.  The Crock and Dish of Rhygenydd the Cleric are treasures number 10 and 11.  Thankfully this has no stipulation of, "only a worthy man may eat of this dish."  Instead, it is just a plain treasure and doles out its gifts to one and all.  The just and the unjust (hope for me!).

If you find yourself in possession of these tresures, all you have to do is to wish for a particular food, say pepperoni pizza, and it would appear.  It is unclear whether or not you have to use these things together or if all you need is one.  It is also unclear if these things are dishwasher safe. 

This dish and/or crock has been suggested by some as being a possible origin for the Holy Grail.  It seems that the grail had similar abilities in the early story Perceval.  I also found one source that suggested that this dish had the ability to create medicine for healing.

Wheras some of these treasures have true life owners, I cannot find anything on this cleric except that he owned these things.  A bit disappointing.  This whole quest to detail out the thirteen treasures has been mildly disappointing since most books and web sites I find just list the treasures.  It is like reading some of my students' papers.  I see the same words over and over again.  There is some pretty heavy duty plagiarizing being done out there.

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