Saturday, February 21, 2009

Odd Stuff

What does Jane Austen and zombies have in common?  

Think about and we'll get to the answer in a minute.  But first I'd like to show you a web site that is really odd.   It is  It is a collection of, well, odd things.  I found my answer to the above question there and I found several other things as well.  You might want to consider looking at the 10 Most Creative Escalator Ads or even the Most Bizarre Soft Drinks (and let me tell you, Pepsi's Ice Cucumber drink is the most reasonable drink they have!).

Oh yeah, this is supposed to be a mythology blog, so here is one that has a mythological collection, but the others are much more funny.  In fact, I figured that my question above deals with zombies and that has mythological ties, right?  Yeah, we have to break the rule of mythology being a non-practiced religion, but I've been breaking the rule whenever it suits me in the past, so why change things now?  By the way, if you're ever attacked by a zombie, you would thank me for showing you this self defense against zombie web site.  

So finally, what does Jane Austin and zombies have in common?  I found this too on Oddee:

See you around folks, and we'll finish our trip through mythological space soon!

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