Sunday, January 25, 2009

Favorite Deity

O.K., I just checked the poll on this site (hadn't checked it in a while) to see who is leading the favorite god or goddess question.  Right now, the winner is Poseidon!  He has the lead but is closely followed by Athena and Apollo (both tied for second).  Where does Zeus come into play?  He has a measly three votes.  Come on people!  THE KING OF THE GODS being out voted for by Demeter???  And poor Hera.  Not only does she spend her time running around tormenting heifers, but she only got one vote (right along with Artemis).  What really kills me is that Hestia got two votes.  There are two people in this world that actually voted for Hestia as a favorite deity.  Come on.  Fess up.  Who voted for her?   I picked Poseidon because as a swim coach and a beach lover, I feel a connection with the god of the ocean.  So who did you pick?