Friday, October 17, 2008

The Knights Who Say . . . "Neith?"

O.K., if you have a knight with a lisp, it might come out that way.  Neith.  The next planet in our solar system.  You've heard of it, right?

Well, 1672,an astronomer noticed a small companion close to Venus and saw it again 14 years later.  Soon, other astronomers saw it too.  One guy saw it going across the sun with Venus.  So then the question was raised, planet or moon?

In 1766, Father Hell (I kid you not, his real name) declared that it was an optical illusion. In 1884, it was declared to be a planet.  They named it Neith.  According to one source it was after the mysterious goddess, whose veil no mortal raised.  See the cleverness here?  No mortal can see her, and we have a hard time seeing her.  Ha, ha.

Later, people changed their mind and said, oh, it was just a faint star that got int he way.  I mean come on, there are billions of them, no one can keep track of all of them.  The problem is that it doesn't explain the siting in front of the sun.

To make matters more mysterious, a VERY famous astronomer in the late 1800s (Barnard) shows a faint star in his recordings near Venus.  He was one of the most accurate star listers in history; however, there is no star in that vicinity.  A moon, perhaps?  Neith?  An asteroid?  No one knows.   

Now, more about Neith the goddess - here is what God Checker has to say about this Egyptian goddess: 

The Great Weaver Goddess. Upset her and she threatens to unpick the woven Universe. Bits of it already seem a little threadbare. 

She was asked by BANEBDJETET to arbitrate in the fight for power between HORUS and SET. Thanks to her, HORUS was given supremacy and SET was given two compensatory Goddesses, ANAT and ASTARTE

When she gets in a bad mood, she becomes the War Goddess ANOUKE.

One problem, I didn't get any veil here.  In fact, other than the source who said the planet was named this because of her veil, I can't find anyone else saying it.  Now it is not uncommon to have conflicting myths, but to find only one mention of something is usually rare.  In fact, I did find this little picture and comment from  about how little Neith wears.  Apparently Neith didn't mind showing anyone anything:

Let’s talk fashion.

One of Nefertari's guardian-spirits, the goddess Neith, wears this stunning little number as she goes about her business helping Nefertari adjust to the new experience of being dead [to the left]. Nefertari’s not sure how to handle herself, or where to turn or what to do as she starts her journey to the afterlife. Just as important: what should she wear? But Neith is there to help. And not just by standing around; Ms. Neith looks fabulous. Can anyone imagine a more elegant dress---and also a sexier one---than this one? Topless, it lets the goddess’ heavenly breasts peek out amidst the shoulder straps.

I felt that I just couldn't improve on that since my fashion taste is lacking.

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