Monday, September 8, 2008

Blog Love

I have been honored to be nominated for the I love Your Blog award.  Deeply impressed, I am.  I did some checking and with this great honor comes great responsibility (as Uncle Ben taught me).  I am to nominate 7 other blogs that I love.  I think you'll enjoy these too.

My nominations for the I Love Your Blog Award:

Paleotheia : Not in the least because she nominated me, but this is where I go on a regular basis to find out more about mythology.  This blog takes mythology from a female point of view and focuses on the females in myth.  Not only that, she has a FANTASTIC website that shows off much of her knowledge in this field.  Plus the nifty quizzes too.

The English Teacher Blog : I visit this blog every week day.  It is short, sweet, and chocked full of good ideas and web sites for English teachers.  This is the blog that inspired me to write mine.

That's Punny : A funny photo blogs of puns found on signs around America. Always good for a laugh.

Cake Wrecks : Another funny photo blog that shows what happens when good cakes go bad (or at least when bad cake decorators show off their mistalents).

Nixia Mythology : Mr. Mythology uses this for his class blog, so it is not a place to go to comment, but it is neat to see his take on teaching mythology and how the students are responding.  Plus he has some interesting adaptations and a great "Where's Waldo" from the Trojan War point of view.

Symbolic Meanings : A. Venefica takes on different symbols and explains their meaning, where they came from, and different takes on them.  As an English teacher and mythology lover, it is interesting to see what she has to say.  Plus it gives me more ammunition to ruin movies for my wife by pointing out symbolism as we watch it.

The Spider's Den : I just found this one and have yet to explore it fully, but it seems right up my alley.  The Lady of Spiders picks different mythology, folk lore, and pop culture creatures and ideas (werewolves, vampires, the Namarrgon (you'll need to her site to read it if you want to know)).  So far it seems to be one that I'll be checking more often.

So there you go.  I have spread the love and didn't even spend time exploring Celtic love deities.  Thanks for the honor and I hope all of you go and check these blogs out.


AVenefica said...

Hi Mark,

I nominated your blog in the "I Love Your Blog" campaign.

To be clear, this nomination is NOT an empty reciprocation for your nomination of my blog.

I selected your blog for the reasons sited on my post here.

In other words, I truly enjoy your voice in the sea. Thanks providing such remarkable value to all who would benefit from it (including me!).

Mr. Mythology said...

Thanks for nominating my blog as well, Mark. I appreciate it.

Carla said...

Mark, thanks for nominating my blog! I am even more honored by your statement that my blog inspired yours. You made my day!