Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What Shampoo Does Medusa Use?

NOTE - This post has been revisited.  See the NEW and IMPROVED version of this post!

Tired of dry hair and spilt ends? Dandruff getting you down? Oily hair your problem? Nobody understands bad hair days like Medusa. That's why she uses Thermasilk with heat activated moisturizers! Check out this commercial.

It's called Thermasilk Party and it features either Hephaestus or Apollo (the god's on fire, so probably Hephaestus) doing the tango with Medusa, who uses Thermasilk, so the heat from his body (and the occasional lightning bolts from Zeus) activates the moisturizers and !poof! we have hair all under control. See how many other Greek figures you can find. It's a Where's Waldo for mythology lovers.
For those of you that are keen on special effects and how it is done, you'll want to check out this site about how the commercial was made:

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