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Ammut does not really fall into the realm of the unknown god that we give tribute to here at Bubo's Blog; however, if you are not familiar with Egyptian mythology, then she probably is.
Ammut goes by many names - Eater of Hearts is my favorite. Seems like the Egyptians had a thing about eating hearts (see for the Khonshu entry).
Without getting too involved in what happens to you when you die (that might be a good multi-part series for future entries), eventually you end up standing before three deities - Thoth, Ma'at, and Ammut. Ma'at is a large scale/goddess and weighs your heart against the feather of justice. Thoth records the weight of the hearts in his handy dandy notebook. If you heart weighs less than the feather - Yippee! it's time to enjoy the afterlife (which is pretty much like regular life). However, if your heart weighs more - which it probably won't since most of the wicked are weeded out by the different obstacles you encounter after death - then Ammut eats your heart, condemning you to non existence forever.

She has a crocodile head (no, not an alligator head - you can tell by the rounded snout), a leopard body, and legs of a hippo. Apparently, all those hearts goes straight to her thighs. (Some sources go with dog, lion, hippo).

Another name for her is the Dweller in Amenta. Amenta is west of the Nile where all people (or at least the important ones) were buried. The setting sun is a universal symbol for death. It is also the name for the underworld in some sources (most sources have it named Duat).
Sadly, there is no temple of Ammut. Thankfully is no feast day! Nobody worships her.She is to be feared and stand as a warning not to be wicked in life.

We'll end with a quote from Thoth that lucky dead Egyptians hear Thoth say:
The Osiris, whose word is true, is holy and righteous. He has not committed any sin, and he has done no evil against us. The devourer Ammut shall not be permitted to prevail over him.

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