Monday, March 10, 2008

Inventive Mythology Corporations

We know that many companies use myth names to advertise their products. Nike being probably the most famous with its referrence to the goddess of Victory. You also have Ajax cleaner, Venus razors, and the florist company that uses Hermes to show how fast they are. Here are a few of the more inventive ones I have found:

Phidippides - this in reference to the guy who ran all the way to marathon shouting "Nike!" to let the king know they had won. He died upon arriving. What do they sell? Running shoes, of course! And they specialize in long distance running.

Medusa Corporation - they make cement and cement statues.

Minerva Olive Oil - what a better spokesperson for your olive oil company than the goddess who invented olives?

There are many more. Post ones that you know!

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