Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beware - Here be Fairies!

My friend Dani Harper has a great paranormal blog that just had a great post on fairies.  You will definitely want to read it and you can, just by magically clicking here.  Here is the introduction:

‘Tis Spring and the fair folk flourish. Indeed, they are at their strongest in the month of May.

I know what you’re saying. Why would you need protection against a cute little fairy? The truth is, in most countries where legends of fairies exist and where the belief in fairies lingers, many of the Fair Folk are not all that cute. Or little.

And they definitely are not nice.

According to the old stories, fairies could be so beautiful that mortals were unable to resist them, or so ugly that mortals could perish from fear. There were light fairies who were mostly good and dark fairies who were mostly evil. Still others were both friendly andhostile, helpful and mischievous, kindand cruel. This amoral unpredictability made most fairies very dangerous creatures. Your only hope as a mere mortal was to avoid the fairies, repel the fairies or appease the fairies.

Read the whole article on her Way Past Normal blog.