Friday, January 27, 2012

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

About to open a bar and you need a name?  I can help!

You want the name to be mythology in nature?  I can help!

You want the name to also be original?  Sorry...

I ran across the name Bacchus as the name for a bar in a newspaper article.  As you probably know, Bacchus is the Roman god of wine (who, according to Riordin, is currently banned from alcohol and spends his time drinking Diet Coke instead).

The article praised it for its originality.  Maybe the author should have checked his sources better. In a quick Google search, I came across these bars already with that name:

Bacchus Wine and Cheese in Corolla, NC (right there on the Outer Banks)

Bacchus Wine and Spirits in Kalamazoo, MI  (I always thought Kalamazoo was a made up place)

Plus one in Birmingham, AL; Hoxton, England; Ontario, Canada; and Irvine, CA.  I just stopped there.  Google has almost 6 millions hits on "Bacchus Bar."  "Dionysus Bar" didn't do nearly as well with only 537,000 hits.

I know that they were trying to invoke the god of wine aspect, but I wonder if they thought about the drunken orgies that were also associated with him.  Well, this next one did.  They proudly proclaim him the god of "food, wine, and debauchery!" and claim that this should put you in the mood for what they offer.

Bacchus Bar in Henley Square, Australia

However, despite that, it's still a cool name for a bar.  I now challenge all of you to come up with a better bar name that uses a mythological allusion.

My choice:  Acan Wine and Spirits - Acan is the Mayan god of alcohol.  Perfect for a doomsday party!

So the challenge is out there - what can you come up with?