Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hopping Vampires

My friend who teaches at writing camp with me is from Vietnam.  She told me about growing up watching Chinese vampire movies and that the vampire hopped.  She said as a kid, it was very scary and it was not the hands curling around the coffin that was a scary vampire interest, it was when the toes popped up from the coffin.

Well, I couldn't pass this up, so I You Tubed it.  Here you go - four minutes of hopping evilness:

A jiang shi is the proper name for the hopping vampire.  It sleeps the day away (much like a teenager) in a coffin or dark cave.  When it kills you, it sucks your life essence. There are a couple of ways to ward of a hopping vampire.  A few are sticky rice, the blood of a black dog, and a spell written on rice paper.  My friend said that when she was little, she copied those spells off the TV and kept them handy - just in case.

Thanks, Hoa!

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