Monday, March 7, 2011

Survivor - Ragnarok: Tyr vs. Garm


Based on voting, odds are 10 to 1 in Garm's favor.  Last chance to place your bets...

At the gate of Hel, Garm paced back and forth as much as his chain allowed him.  His fur coat was covered with the blood of those foolish enough to try to enter or leave Hel without permission.  Suddenly the ground shook beneath his feet.  Being a dog, even one as large and mighty as he was, he had no clue as to the impact of this shaking or what was to come.  All he knew was that he felt an urge to kill unlike any he had ever felt in his life.  The urge manifested itself in the form of a mighty howl that actually shattered his chain.  Then the inhabitants of Hel began to come forward.  Garm didn't know what this meant, he just knew that he wanted to kill and here are victims.  Hel's guardian (also called Hel) stepped forward and with a few soft words (soft for Hel, that is), she redirected his blood lust toward the gods.

Tyr's stump ached.  It had during the last three winters something fierce, but today's ache was different.  It was a warning that the end was near.  Before the roosters crowed, even before Heimdall heard the coming battle, Tyr began his war preparations.  On his way out of Asgard with the other gods, Heimdall tells him that he heard a howl of rage like none other.  He wasn't sure, but the fierceness of it seemed as if it came from Fenrir.  "Time for pay back," muttered Tyr, absentmindedly rubbing the stump of his right arm.

Once on the battlefield, Tyr began to survey the skirmishes.  On the far side he found Odin and Fenrir locked in a deadly embrace.  Despite knowing that Odin would not appreciate help, Tyr ran toward them to intervene.  The canine was his to kill, not Odin's.  He owed the wolf for the loss of his right hand.  Sword drawn and focused on the impending battle, Tyr was almost instantly killed when the second largest canine in history leaped toward his head.  Barely getting the shield up in time, Tyr had to check his focus and turn it towards Garm instead.

The dog growled and leaped, this time, Tyr was completely ready and attacked with his sword.  Still not used to being left-handed, his sword arc only sliced off the tail of the great beast.  Garm sounded a pitiful howl and now knew to be wary of the thing in the god's hands.  Never before had anything fought against Garm.  This strange new sensation only heightened the bloodlust and the dog attacked again, this time dodging the sword and clearing the shield enough to get his mouth on Tyr's head.  Tyr pushed back with all his might and slammed the dog into a tree nearby, causing the massive oak to fall.  The dog lay stunned in the snow, back not broken, but close.  Tyr stood, but with difficulty.  He had pushed the dog away, but not before it bit a chunk out of the side of his face.  Tyr's left ear was completely gone and blood flowed freely down his armor. 

Tyr regained his balance and hefted his sword for the killing blow.  Garm began to stir, but it was evident that it would be too late.  Just before the killing stroke, Tyr saw out of the corner of his eye a giant about to decapitate one of the Einherjar.  Without a moment's hesitation, Tyr threw his sword at the giant, saving the brave warrior.

Garm, however, was now fully recovered and grabbed the shield with his teeth.  Under other circumstances, this game of tug-of-war may have seemed comical, but Tyr's very life hung in the balance.  The shield, which had been strapped so tightly, began to slid off the arm and Garm fell backward with the shield at the same moment the lightning struck with such ferocity.  Both Tyr and Garm glanced in that direction, but quickly resumed the battle.  Garm, no longer needing to be wary of the sword or the shield, ran straight for Tyr and his mighty jaws clamped down on Tyr's throat.  Tyr staggered backwards, but kept his wits about him.  He could feel the throat crushing and knew he had little time.  He glanced and saw the stump of the oak that had fallen earlier.  The stump had very jagged edges where the tree had splintered.  With all the might he had left, he picked the dog up and threw him down upon the stump.  The force of the throw combined with the strength of his jaws caused Garm to completely rip out the throat of The Brave One.  Tyr had one vision before fading to black, and that was the glorious sight of Garm impaled on the oak.

Judge's Ruling -  TIE!

The Bad Guys: 4

The Good Guys: 2

The next fight is for the title, folks.  Heimdall the hearer of growing grass vs. Loki, the shape shifter that once got pregnant when in the form of a female horse. . . come to think of it, I could have probably picked better introductions for these two mighty warriors...

Anyway, come back to witness the final fight and then we'll find out what happens next.


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