Friday, October 1, 2010

I Do Smell Popcorn!

We are taking a break from the just started Frankenstein thread to look at an African deity named Babalu-Aye.  While he originated as a god of small pox, he has evolved into a god of healing.  In fact, he is most looked at today to provide a cure for AIDS. 

If you are an I Love Lucy Fan, you might recognize the name as the name that Ricky Ricardo took on stage.  Why?  I don't know.

When you see Babalu, you'll notice that he is using crutches and has two dogs with him and is probably wearing brown, black, and blue.  You will of course wish to win his favor, so you should consider giving him one of his favorite offerings...popcorn!

Speaking of that buttery goodness that is oh so wonderful and good for you, I just happen (imagine that) to have a deal for you.  Look at this cute little kid:

This is my son, Colby.  What does he have to do with popcorn?  Well, he is selling it for his Cub Scout pack.  You see, Girl Scouts are know for their cookies and Cub Scouts for their popcorn.  You would make his poor little heart happy if you wanted to buy popcorn from him.  You don't want to make little Colby cry, now do you?

At this point I know you are saying, "No I don't!, but how could I, who lives I don't know how far away from little Colby, buy his popcorn?"

Well, it is as simple as going to this web site and choosing the most delectable popcorn in the world.  Colby will be happy, Babalu will be happy, and when you start eating it, you will be too.  Then you'll need to choose a scout to support.  Type in Colby A.  He's the Colby A. with only Mark listed as a parent.  Sorry Paula, I didn't know I was supposed to put both of us.
O.K., I'm through selling out for right now.  More Frankenstein next!

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