Monday, March 8, 2010


From Brat-halla Episode # 391:

O.K., I recognize Hel (Norse goddess of the underworld) and I recognize Lamia (she likes to eat pesky little kids, well she's not really that picky if they are pesky or not), but I do not know who this Ereshkigal is.  So I did some searching. 

Turns out she is some Sumerian underworld goddess.  She fell in love with Nergal (we did a post on him earlier) but got very sad when he left the underworld.  Apparently they were more than friends and, um, held hands since she was pregnant.  She threatened the big god of Sumerian mythology that she would make all the dead in her kingdom come back to life (thus outnumbering the living and causing all sorts of sewage and parking problems) if Nergal didn't come back to her.

It didn't take long before Nergal arrived, stormed into the underworld, broke down the seven gates and . . . kissed her passionately and "wiped her tears."


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